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The Perfect Present If You Have A Friend
Or Family Member That's As Big Of An
Washington Huskies Fan As You Are

You'll Get One For You AND
Save $30 On One For Them

Shipping On The Pac-12 Football Is FREE

You're Ordering Two UW
16-Time Pac-12 Champions Souvenir Footballs

Save Even More<br>When You Buy 2<br>Washington Huskies<br>2016 Pac-12 Champions<br>Souvenir FootballsSave Even More<br>When You Buy 2<br>Washington Huskies<br>2016 Pac-12 Champions<br>Souvenir Footballs
Save Even More
When You Buy 2
Washington Huskies
2016 Pac-12 Champions
Souvenir Footballs
Item#: 2Huskies
Regular price: $169.90
Sale price: $139.90

Product Description

The Washington Huskies Are 16-Time Pac-12 Champions

These Are The Only NCAA Licensed
Washington Huskies Souvenir Footballs
That Celebrate The 16-Time Pac-12 Champions

These Full Size Autograph Footballs Have 2 Brown & 2 Imprinted White Panels

The Top Panel Has The Graphics For The 2016 Pac-12 Game Along With The Other 15 Pac-12 Championships

The Bottom Panel Has The Score From Every Regular Season Game

These Are The UW Pac-12 Souvenir Footballs Alone

Use The Coupon Code (combo) For A Discount On Any Display Case When Ordered With Your Souvenir Football (Display Cases Available In Plastic Or Mirror Base)