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The Ohio State Buckeyes
Are NCAA Champions Again!!

Order Your NCAA Licensed Custom Limited Edition
Ohio State Buckeyes National Championship Souvenir Footballs
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Product Description

Order your Ohio State National Championship football with the Add To Cart button above so you have a life long memory of this special season.

Ohio State Fans are special for a lot of reasons including that every year we’re capable of being National Champions.

Coming into this year we had already been National Champs seven times and our record was 24-2 the last two seasons.

Most schools can’t say that plus the TBDBITL gets more national publicity than some of the teams that we play.

This year started out a little differently when the injury bug hit us early and we lost our home opener to fall to 1-1.

The media and most of the nation made the mistake of counting out the Buckeyes from the 1st ever NCAA playoff.

After that it was three straight wins where the offense averaged over 50 points per game and an OT win at Penn State.

November came calling and as most great teams do the Buckeyes grew stronger and stronger as the season continued.

Our undefeated month of five straight wins to finish the regular season included beating That Team Up North 42-28.

For most programs an 11-1 season that included a victory over your arch rival and undefeated in conference is enough.

Many schools would love a ChampionshipFootballs.com souvenir football to celebrate just those accomplishments.

Especially when any success the team would have going forward needed to be under the guidance of a third string QB.

That’s exactly what happened with domination on both sides of the football in a Big Ten Championship game shutout.

Not even the naysayers in the media could make an argument against the Buckeyes being one of the four team bracket.

Neither oddsmakers in Las Vegas nor football fans in the SEC believed what all those in the Buckeye Nation knew.

Trailing early the Buckeyes went on to score 28 straight points against Alabama and earn a trip to the Championship.

Doubted again by almost everyone that had seen Oregon’s dismantling of Florida State the Buckeyes didn’t disappoint.

That’s why we make our souvenir footballs the way we do because it’s a lifetime reminder of that special season.

Every game during a national championship season was a piece of the puzzle that allows a team to hold that trophy.

Each and every victory during the year is part of the history of your favorite team’s incredibly special season.

Congratulations to everyone in the Ohio State Buckeye family from all of us at ChampionshipFootballs.com.

Order your Ohio State National Championship football with the Add To Cart button above.


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These Ohio State Souvenir Footballs Contain Our Custom Graphics And Celebrate One Of The Greatest Seasons In Ohio State Buckeyes Football History!!

A Must Have For Any Ohio State Buckeyes Souvenir Collection.

These Full Size Autograph Footballs Have 2 Brown & 2 Imprinted White Panels.

The Top Panel Has The Graphics For The 2014 National Championship And All The Seasons For The Seven Other Buckeye National Championships.

The Bottom Panel Has The Score From Every Regular Season And The Sugar Bowl Game.

These Footballs Make An Incredible Gift For Your Favorite Ohio State Buckeye Fan...EVEN IF IT'S YOU!!

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This Is The Ohio State National Championship Souvenir Football Alone.

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Order your Ohio State National Championship football with the Add To Cart button above.